Integrated teams of PAN Shipping management undertake any repairs. In particular, the overhaul of internal combustion engines. Any deck machinery. Pipelines of cooling systems, steam, fuel, oil, fire, trucks, hydraulics and so on. Qualified, experienced welders carry out various types of body repair and lining replacement housing sections of the deck, and so on. Ship electricians is carried out diagnostics and repair of electrical networks, repair and rewinding of electric motors, automatic repair.

Experienced qualified specialists

The composition of the complex allows teams to carry out the planned work efficiently and in the shortest possible time. It is determined in accordance with the stated customer volume of work and the repair knowledge. Components teams made the head of the repair group companies from a pool of qualified professionals who have sufficient experience and proven best. During the execution of works in the team maintained strict discipline under internal regulations and signed an individual contract, which provides for stringent penalties for its violation. In just a few years of our work we have a close-knit team of specialists who are ready to fly to anywhere in the world to perform the repair of ships, as well as established relationships with partners and good reviews about our work and recommendations.

Repairs in any port of the world

At present, the number of members of specialists reserve allows us to expand the range of our partners and we are engaged in the search for additional orders. To leave the place of work we make the entire set of documents. Visas, insurance, contracts, registration on the ship, and so on. We are prepared on the basis of agreement and mutual benefit to work with any partner.

Your advantages working with
Pan Shipping Management LTD:

experienced and highly qualified specialists, professional service of excellent quality.

We service dozens of vessels around the clock every year. Qualified staff can satisfy all our customers` requirements.

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