Консультации в поиске и подборе специалистов

«Pan Sipping management» company is a maritime agency and engaged consulting services to seafarers in the field of search and selection of specialists on the commercial sea vessels and the fishing fleet.

A wide range of highly qualified specialists of the fleet

We have an extensive database of highly qualified specialists of the fleet a variety of specializations, with extensive experience on tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, dry cargos, as well as the fishing fleet and offshore. The successful work of the sailors who have received our consulting services, on the courts of different companies have repeatedly noted the positive feedback.

We also have several permanent ship repair teams consisting of specialists - welders, pipefitters, carpenters, electricians, ref. engineers, turners and etc.

Your advantages working with
Pan Shipping Management LTD:

experienced and highly qualified specialists, professional service of excellent quality.

We service dozens of vessels around the clock every year. Qualified staff can satisfy all our customers` requirements.

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